What is Web Development

Web development encompasses creating, maintaining, and updating a website. This includes programming and technical aspects such as coding and network security configuration. It also incorporates creative elements like design and user experience (UX).

If you are looking for a creative and technical field with many opportunities, web development may be the right career choice. This guide will cover the following:

Overview of Web Development

Types Of Web Development

Web Development vs. Software Development

Job Titles

The Pros and Cons Of Working in Web Development

How to get into web development

Web Development Overview

Website development is the entire process of creating and getting a website up and running. This usually involves:

Planning. The client meets with the team to discuss their expectations for the website. They meet with the client to discuss the audience and the website’s goals.

Mapping. Next, create a sitemap that outlines the pages of your website. Create a navigation bar on your homepage that links to a resource page. You can navigate to a different page for each resource on the resources page. Site maps will show you the relationship between each of these pages.

Design. The team will discuss the creation of the site before the construction begins. This is usually led by a web designer or graphic artist focusing on the site’s aesthetics.

Coding. This is where the website is created. To code the website, the web developer will consider the client’s vision, the sitemap, and the design elements.

Review. The team must first review and test the website before it is launched.

Launch. This is the moment when the website becomes a reality. The website is uploaded onto a server and becomes visible to everyone online.

Different types of web development

Web development can be divided into two parts because there is much to consider when creating a website.


Front-end web design, also called the client side, refers to the user-facing aspect of the website. This includes the website’s look and feel. The website design, user interface, and user experience are all areas that front-end developers frequently work on. This includes technical work and involves creative functions that focus on visual appeal.


The server side of web development (back-end web design) is technical-heavy. It focuses on everything you can’t see in a website’s code. This type of web development also emphasizes site speed (speed) and performance.


Full-stack web design includes both front-end as well as back-end work. These developers can handle any task involved in building a website.

Web Development vs. Software Development

Software and web development require the same technical skills, such as writing code and programming languages. However, each field can work with different programs. Web development, for example, involves creating websites. On the other hand, software development focuses on developing computer programs that can be used on phones and computers.

The people they work with also vary between these career paths. To understand the goals and audience of a website, developers often collaborate with clients other than their teams. For example, web developers may involve a marketing professional when discussing website copy. On the other hand, software developers often work with other technical professionals in a larger company to design, update, and maintain their software.

Titles of Web Development Jobs

The U.S. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), web developers are most often employed full-time in computer systems design and related services. Other fields of web development include advertising, education, and public relations.

The job title for web development depends on the part of website-making you are working on. If you are primarily focused on the client side of web development, you will likely be a front-end designer. You might also be interested in these other job titles:

Back-end developer

Full-stack developer

User interface (UI) designer

Analyst Web

Consultant for search engine optimization (SEO).

The pros and cons of working in web development

It is a rapidly growing field, but is web development a viable career option? You will need technical skills to get a job in this industry. However, it can be rewarding for those looking for creative and technical work.

The pros of web development

Rapid Growth

Web development is a rapidly-growing industry with a 23% projected growth in employment through 2031. This is much higher than the 5% standard, according to BLS. This means that there will be many job opportunities in the next decade.

Mix of skills

Developers combine technical and creative skills. This career path is for you if you want to combine technical and creative skills, such as coding and programming, with your artistic skills, such as design.

Flexible Opportunities

Web development does not have to be a full-time job. Many developers work part-time or freelance and manage multiple projects at once. This career path offers flexibility and freedom to work when and where you want.

Technology is constantly changing

As new technologies develop, web development is an ever-evolving field. It can be difficult and time-consuming for web developers to keep up with all the latest technology and skills available to them to succeed.

Lamar Laing is the founder and leads full-stack developer of Laing Media. He recommends that anyone interested in the field adopts a learning culture, stay current on industry trends, and embrace a learning mindset. Today, information is readily available, including tutorials and other resources. He says the internet wall allows us to predict what’s coming next.

Screen Time

Web development can be a difficult job that is remote and requires a lot of time staring at a computer screen.

Laing states that even though it’s not exactly like playing in the NFL or flying fighter planes, many risk factors are still associated with sitting at a computer (or just sitting a lot). We can program for hours. Your body is being put under strain by sitting for long periods in front of a screen. This can also cause damage to your mental health.

How to get into web development

Web development is a fascinating technical field that allows creativity. This field offers great opportunities to learn programming, coding, and design skills.

You must have strong programming and technical skills to get into this field.

Front-end programming language (ex., HTML, CSS, Javascript).

Back-end programming language (ex. MYSQL).

[Optional]: A bachelor’s degree in programming or computer science.

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