When you start out on your own as a freelancer, everything you do may seem very daunting task. Trust me, this is usually the case. Whether you have many years experience working for a larger design firm or you are fresh out of college. Every new site design is a different experience with a different client need. You need to know your stuff in order to make the process go as easy as possible. That may be a lot of stuff to know. That is where we come in with this article.

In this article we will give you some of the best resources that we have discovered in our time as developers. You can use this article to boost your knowledge or just brush up on something that you may have forgotten over the years. This list will contain some of the best resources for Javascript, Ajax, CSS, XML, and HTML as well as server-side coding languages like PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, mySQL, and SQL. This resource should contain almost anything that that would help a typical web developer whether you have experience or not.

Give our quick cheat sheet a go and see if you can learn something new. Just for good measures, we have included a few add ons for Firefox just in case you need them to. So, if you are interested in making your web developer experience of Firefox complete you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to read those. Enjoy our article.

Client Side Development

Javascript in 10 minutes
Javascript Quick Reference
Javascript and Browser Objects Quick Reference


What’s AJAX? Cheat Sheet
Prototype 1.5.0 Cheat Sheet
Mootools R.83 Cheat Sheet
A Field Guide to Scriptaculous


CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS Quick Reference
CSS Property Index
CSS Shorthand Guide


XML Schema – Structures Quick Reference
XML Scheme – Data Types Quick Reference


HTML Cheat Sheet
A Simple Guide to HTML
HTML and XHTML Cheat Sheet
HTML Codes Cheat Sheet


HTML Color Codes
Color Wheel

Browser Compatibility / Validation

Will the browser apply the rule(s)
W3C Markup Validation Service
W3C Feed Validation Service
W3C CSS Validation Service

Sever Side Development

Developer / PHP Cheat Sheet
Added Bytes PHP Cheat Sheet


ASP.NET Page LifeCycle
VB.NET / C# Comparison
Casting in VB.NET
.NET Standard Format Strings


Perl Cheat Sheet
Perl Quick Reference Card


mySQL Commands
SQL Injection Cheat Sheet
mySQL Cheat Sheet


SQL Server 2005 A-Z Index
SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

Firefox Addons

Web Developer Extension
HTML Validator
Alexa Sparky


Hopefully, this article helped you like it would have helped me back in the day. As you may have noticed, we did not include every article in the world. or we would have went own forever. We included the links that we think that you can benefit from like we have benefited from. If you have any extras, please leave as comment and we may add it later or in another post we do regarding the newer resources that web developers need to succeed.

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