Web Development: Is it a promising career

BrainStation’s Web Developer career guidance is designed to help you make the first steps toward a rewarding career in web programming. Learn if web design is the right career path for you.

Web Developers: Job Outlook

Web Developers have a bright future because of the high demand and global gap in web development and software skills.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developers will grow eight percent between 2029 and 2029. This is much faster than average for all job positions. Demand is not expected to decrease. There is no sign that demand will decrease. E-commerce has rapidly expanded, and online shopping is expected to grow faster than retail. Mobile search is becoming more critical, and there will be a greater need for skilled Web and Software developers. Even if career changers in other tech fields decide to become Web Developers, the job outlook is still positive.

The U.S. anticipates that there will be approximately 13,400 Web Developers openings each year. Other digital design professionals can also expect increased opportunities over the next decade.

Web Developer Career Path

The career path of a Web Developer can take you down two different ways, depending on whether or not you are looking for security in a job or the freedom that comes with being a freelancer.

You’d work with other programmers and developers in a web development role. This could be for an agency or company. This path offers the opportunity to manage projects or teams and to communicate with clients or other stakeholders.

Full-time web development jobs are available for those with programming skills. After a few years of web development experience, you may be eligible for a senior web developer salary in the six-figures and other employer perks.

Freelancing has many other benefits. Freelance web developers can set their hours and choose the projects that interest them. Self-employed web developers run their businesses. Establishing solid relationships with clients is essential to ensure they can transition to full-time employment. A freelancer with programming skills can earn a higher salary than an entry-level developer.

Freelance is also an option for web developers who want to work remotely.

Why become a web developer

Web Developers are a great choice because they offer high-paying jobs, can work anywhere, and have an excellent work-life balance. There are many specializations in web development. However, most web developers have excellent career prospects regarding salary, benefits, perks, and advancement opportunities.

Web Developers face many challenges. However, the field requires continuous learning, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Web and Software Developers must know the latest industry trends and coding languages to stay relevant in this field.

These are just a few of the many reasons it is worth your time to become a web developer:

Web Developers in High Demand

We mentioned that there is a need for more tech talent. Web Developers are in high demand, especially considering the growing need for mobile-optimized companies.

According to StackOverflow, more than 80 percent of American web developers are employed full-time. Another 10 percent work on a freelance or part-time basis. This number will likely stay the same, as virtually every company in any industry employs Web Developers. This is partly why web development is so popular among job seekers.

High salaries are a sign of high demand for web developers. Web Developers can earn between $78,000 (Indeed) and $88,000(Glassdoor) per year. There are accessible pathways to higher-ranking positions. According to Indeed, the average salary for Senior Web Developers was $103,069.

Web Developer Job Satisfaction

Apart from the many practical benefits of having a high-demand skill set, there are also many non-monetary benefits to being a web developer.

Stack’s global survey of developers found that 72.8 percent reported being satisfied with their job (compared to 18.9, who were dissatisfied and the rest feeling neutral). Many major media outlets answer “Is web design a good career?” every year with a resounding “Yes.” U.S. News and World Report placed Web and Software Developer positions in the top five for all jobs in America.

Web and Software Developers can also choose to work for an agency, within a company, or as their boss, working independently. Many Web Developers have the opportunity to work independently and cross-functionally within design and product teams. Web Developers have flexibility in terms of work-life balance since they can work from anywhere with an internet connection, even if they are freelancers for multiple clients.

Web Developers Are Always Learning

Technology is constantly changing, so Web Developers must keep up to date with any new programming language, web-development software, or trend. Even advanced computer science degree holders must continue learning in this area to keep up with the times. Stack’s survey revealed a direct correlation between technical competence and salary. Being a web developer takes work. However, it requires a willingness to learn new things every day. This is good news for professionals in the field.

BrainStation Digital Skills Survey revealed that online forums, blogs, and digital skill training options are the three most popular resources used by Web and Software Developers to learn new techniques and explore new ideas. Web Developers often cite online training and learning opportunities as the best way to improve their web development skills.

According to the survey, which top trends do Web Developers see having the most significant impact on web development in the next five years? The survey found that AI (86%) and machine learning (84%) were the top trends in web development. It is worth looking at how these technologies can change the future of web development. This is a tremendous challenge for a Web Developer.

This explains why web development certifications and training programs are becoming more popular among seasoned developers and industry newcomers. BrainStation offers a Bootcamp as well as courses online and on our campuses. These web-development courses are collaborative and replicate the learning and working environment Web and Software Developers would have in the field.

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