Top 20 Tech Websites and Blogs to Follow in 2020   

Technological blogs are an important sub-section of tech blogs that have grown in popularity. These bloggers are a huge influencer for GenY, it should be noted.


Tech Blogs. India is also in this category of blogs. Many Indian blogs have been regarded as influential.


Since its inception, the blog has seen a steady increase in traffic to reach new heights. It now receives over 7 million visits per month. This website focuses primarily on the news about technology and culture. Its update on gadgets that can be useful for the next generation intrigues me most.


The website is a great resource for tech enthusiasts. It has been visited a lot by gadget lovers. The website also provides any update on Android, iOS, and Windows. It is detailed. The website also updates the launch of new software or gadgets daily.


Engadget has been around since 2004. Engadget has been a trusted reviewer for new gadgets and technologies since 2004. Engadget doesn’t believe technology can be equated with processors or operations.


This blog is a great resource for tech enthusiasts. This website also reviews new web portals, regular news, and updates about new technologies and processing power. The website also contains information about large technology companies to engage tech-savvy individuals.


This tech Blog is not like other blogs. It only covers Apple gadgets and other Apple products. Macrumors also has a community that reviews and advice on the latest Apple products, whether iPhone or iPad.


This website features reviews on the latest gadgets and technologies daily. The blog also offers suggestions on how to use these technologies responsibly.


This blog, one of the oldest, has been helping gamers keep up to date with the latest gaming news and techniques since 1999. They’ve seen a change in how they design their blogs and articles due to the constant evolution in gaming technologies and techniques. They also provide detailed information on gaming consoles.


The blog is a research and analysis firm. It discusses the latest technologies that tech enthusiasts would love to have. It also discusses the impact technology has on media and business.

      Theverge is a website that caters to the interests of people with a passion for technology and gadgets. It also provides reviews and ratings about the latest and upcoming developments in the field.


The most recent news covers gadgets such as mobile phones, gaming consoles, and other electric appliances. It is based on the motto “Upgrade Your Lifestyle” and features regular news bulletins on technical uplifts and upgrades. Some renowned bloggers explain the technical aspects in great detail.

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