Top 20 Creative Business Cards

A business card design can make or break your business. If you have a plain design then people may think you are not creative enough to do business with them. First impressions are what stand between you and potential clients, a elegant, stylish business card is the first impression for many of your clients….make it memorable. In this article we give you our top 20 business card designs in hopes that you will get inspired by them to create your own masterpiece.

We have all types of business cards in this article. We have creative, elegant, and just plain weird designs. The artists behind the designs come from all kinds of backgrounds like graphic design, arts, website design, just to name a few. On the very top of the article we have included our business card design, its simple, yet effective. Once you look at it it stays with you, or at least we hope it does.

If you have a creative business card then the people you give it to are more likely to keep it just because it looks cool and was more planned then the “Plain Jane” matted white background business card. Stand above the rest by creating a lasting memorable business card.


A great business card design sets your business apart from the rest of the competition. If your card is memorable then so shall your business be. get inspiration from these designs and create your own. If you think we missed a few, let us know, we may add them to the list.

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