Icons have become a easy way for graphic designers to show their skills to potential buyers or clients. They can be an easy way to spice up your blog post or help E\/OLVE the look of your desktop. However you use them, they make a difference and result in a better crafted project or they just provide some eye candy to you on a daily basis. We know that there are millions of icon sets on the Internet so we took the liberty of finding the best of the best on putting them all in one place.

In order to help you save time we have gathered the best FREE icon sets we could find and complied them into our Top 15 Free Icon Sets blog post. We have included social media icons, RSS icons, programming icons, and even stylish icons for use anywhere. The icon sets are free to use but please check with the icon set designer, usually listed at their site, for the specifics about their fair use.

There are so many icon sets that we found while browsing the Internet, but the ones listed below are the ones that stood out the most to us and are something we would use for a site we design. In this article we give you links to collect vector icons from around the net for FREE all from one place. If you think that we missed some then please tell us where to find it below in our comments. We could always extend our list from a Top 15 to a Top 20 or Top 30 if we get enough submissions. Enjoy the article and don’t forget to thank the icon designers.

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