Top 10 Fonts 2010

Typography is very important in designing a website. It allows you to express your feeling in your text so people know how you feel when you are writing something. Using regular fonts in images does not convey what you are trying to say as much as a custom font would. You can use curly fonts to make something look more feminine or you could use blocky, grungy fonts to make something look more masculine. You can make something look childish and goofy or you can make something look professional and elegant. You can do all of this and more with a simple font.

We have complied a list of our TOP 10 fonts for 2010. All but 2 of the fonts are FREE can be downloaded using the link we provided. Of course you should read the usage policy for the fonts before using them in a professional manner to prevent from abusing the font. Some of the artist that provide the fonts ask for nothing in return unless you use them on a professional level, so I would check with the artists to see. I hope that we provide you with a few options you may have not seen yet.

Create Your Own Font On line

I use a on line font creator to create my own fonts. This is a great way to get cool fonts that you imagine, and it is a lot easier then you think. You can download a PDF with all characters you need, you manually draw or write the font in the PDF, then lastly you upload the PDF to their site and you have a completely custom font. I used it to generate my handwriting font so that I could sign documents in my handwriting on my computer easily and effortlessly.

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