Top 10 Article Submission Sites

If you have great articles about website design, graphic design, or anything design related but no one ever sees the content, does it count as great content? If you have great articles but people do not see them then you need to get your content published on more popular websites, websites with news content feeds. In this article we show you our Top 10 choices for your article submissions.

All of the sites listed below are FREE and most do not require registration to submit your article. Don’t even think about spamming them because all websites listed have moderators that choose what makes the cut and what does not, do DON’T EVEN TRY! After you get approval from the moderators then you can see the visitors coming from these well established websites almost overnight. If you have a good article you want everyone to see, then we recommend using all of the following websites to get your content to the masses.

If you think we have missed any please feel free to comment about them below. The only requirement is that they are free. If they are not free then we will probably not add them to the list. Enjoy.

We Are Now Accepting Your Content

Since the publication of this article we have started to accept viewer submissions on our own site. If you want to get your content in our community please visit our User Submitted page for more information and a form. tuts+
Does not require registration

Once again we bring up the tuts+ network since we regularly use them to get our articles published for the masses to see. You can use their free news tool to get your design related article published for all their readers to see. If your content is good enough then you will see a regular influx of visitors because they display the news feed on almost all pages of their site so you content is always visible.

You can submit your content for free to any of the following (the name should tell you if it is relevant):

psd tuts+
audio tuts+
vector tuts+
after effects tuts+
active tuts+
cg tuts+
photo tuts+

2.Linkz Direct
Does require registration

Linkz Direct is a great website for designers of every field. Although you do not receive many visitors from them you will have no problem getting good, design related content published. once you sign up you have the ability to rate other articles to move them up to the front page. You automatically rate your article when it is published so you cannot rate your article.
Does not require registration

If you want to have a great influx of visitors who are interested in your articles then this is the website for you. Once your submission is approved you will see your unique visitors greatly improve, not with spammy visitors who unknowingly visit your site but with genuine visitors who are interested in the content you submitted. I give this website high marks because of the experience I have had with them.

Does not require registration

Pixelactic is another great website that sends relevant visitors your way. After your content is approved, it will be placed in their community news that displays on every page of their website. Almost all posts are design related so your published articles should be a hit with other designers.

Does require registration

Queness is a great website to publish your design related articles, if you can get published. Their publishing policy is a little more strict then the previous publishers we have shown here, but once you are on there then you will receive good leads from them. A great tool, if you have written a great article, but don’t be surprised if a sub par article is not published.

Does not require registration

WEB and DESIGNERS is a great news publishing website that provides great leads are interested in design related articles you have written. This is another website that displays their news feed on every page so you get more exposure to designers looking for inspiration.

7.Who Freelance
Does not require registration

Who Freelance is one of the hard websites to get published on, so don’t be surprised if you never see your article on their website, but if you ever do make it on their news feed then it’s worth it. Their navigation for published articles is not as good as the other sites listed because they reside on their own page but once you are there then you will be seen by who you need to be seen by.

8.Freelance Folder
Does not require registration

Freelance folder is a great resource for content if you are looking, but getting published on the website is very hard compared to the other websites I have listed. Once there you will see a great influx of visitors, but getting there is the hard part.

9.The Design Mag
Does not require registration

Most freelance designers know of this website either for their great content of their awesome tutorials. Although you do not have to register to publish content on the website it is not easy to get listed. Your content should provide a good read to their visitors or you will not be published. Once you are published you will find your article on every page of the site. Another site that gets high marks from us by experience.

Does not require registration

You need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website to find the submission form, but once you find it you can publish your article. Iif it gets approved by the admins you can expect to see a good influx of visitors looking for great design related content.

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