This list of website features will help you maximize the potential of your site

It is not just about aesthetics. As a Wix Partner with hundreds of websites built, I know (along with the Wix Professional team members) that a good site is more than just a pretty picture. The most crucial website features are easy navigation, intuitive design, and tight security. This list of website features will help you whether you are trying to figure out How to Make a Wix Website or improve an existing website.

Navigation intuitive

It would help if you made it easy for visitors to find what they want. It’s essential to make your website easy to use. An intuitive website will guide visitors through their experience.

The user experience (UX) design, which is a part of website development, not only helps site visitors but also allows site owners to control their users’ behavior. As a web designer, it’s my responsibility to design paths that guide visitors to the destinations my clients desire. For instance, the site Symmetryk is intended to encourage visitors to test a demo. I created a “Book a Demo” call-to-action (CTA) button in a grapefruit-colored CTA that stands out on the blue background. Then, I used it twice above the fold.

Search engines can also understand the structure of a website if it has features designed to make it easy for its users. Implementing navigational elements increases the chances that search engines index and rank your web pages.

We’ll discuss some features of your website that will make it easy to navigate.

Breadcrumb Trails: breadcrumb trail shows site visitors where they are on a website and helps them to understand its structure. Visitors can also easily navigate to the higher-level pages. Breadcrumb trails are usually displayed at the top of the page, showing how a visitor reached the current page. Wix allows you to customize Breadcrumb Trails according to your brand and needs.

Calls to action that are clear: When implemented correctly, CTA buttons encourage conversions and drive visitors toward the desired actions. The language on the button must be concise and clear, preventing any confusion about what it does. Users can create animated buttons to draw attention and make the control more interactive. As an example, I gave a mouseover effect to the CTA button of the GG Event House site. Confetti appears when the mouse is moved over the CTA.

Navigation Bar: A navigation bar, also known as a menu bar or header, provides links to the main sections of a site. This vital website element allows visitors to navigate the area quickly. To avoid confusing site visitors, I use single-level menus. However, complex websites may benefit from multilevel menus. For example, when designing the site of Primavera Clinic, I created a custom navigation that splits up the menu over three slides.


A responsive website has layouts that adjust to the size and angle of the visitor’s browser. This responsiveness ensures that the website looks and works well regardless of the device the visitor uses to access it. This feature makes the website design process more accessible, as the site owner doesn’t need to create separate desktop and mobile versions for each page.

Wix Editor offers many tools to help users make their websites more responsive.

Customizable Layouts

Strips & Columns



Full-width elements

Container boxes

Accessibility for all

The World Health Organization estimates that more than a billion people have disabilities. A company could lose out on potential clients if a website is not designed to cater to these customers. A website not meeting the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) can also lead to lawsuits.

Here are some website features necessary for accessibility.

High contrast color schemes: Customers who are color blind or have limited vision struggle to read the text if it is too similar to the background color. Use the color contrast checker for a quick assessment of your color scheme.

Keyboard Navigation: People with visual or mobility impairments rely more on keyboard navigation than a mouse.

Simplified Language: By writing conversationally and using simple words, you can ensure that people with learning difficulties (and skim-readers) can understand your website.

Alt Text: Screen Readers use alternative text to translate images for people with vision impairments.

A clear hierarchy: Create your site and its content hierarchically so the information flows from most excellent to least important. Predictably use headings and maintain consistency across your site to allow keyboard users to navigate the site.

Fonts that are easy to read: Select fonts with simple or familiar characters so people with dyslexia and learning disabilities can comfortably read.

Wix’s accessibility wizard helps me identify and fix accessibility problems that I would otherwise miss. This tool ensures that all visitors, no matter their ability, can view and navigate your site. The Wizard does not cover all aspects of web accessibility. Hire an accessibility expert to review your site and identify any apparent issues.

Mobile-friendly interface

In February 2023, approximately 61% of traffic was generated by mobile devices. The majority of people will likely access your website from their mobile devices. Your mobile site might need to be better.

The mobile-friendly design will also help people find your business in search engines. Google prioritizes mobile-optimized websites using mobile indexing.

Your mobile website should be easy to use, fast to load, and interactive. Mobile-friendly websites are not only responsive. Having a simple navigation system, easily readable fonts, and fast-loading imagery is also essential.

Wix’s Mobile Editor lets you quickly adapt your desktop site for smaller screens. You can add or remove content and even completely change the layout. I particularly appreciate the quick-action bar feature on the website because it encourages mobile visitors to contact the business.

Attractive design

An attractive design can attract visitors to your website and encourage them to stay longer. This can result in increased engagement and a reduced bounce rate. A visually appealing site can convey professionalism and trustworthiness, helping to establish your brand and products as a reliable and trusted source of information.

MOOI Clinic hired me greatly over the last six years to redesign their website. The investment in the website ensured it was always up-to-date and evolved with their business. According to the owner, these efforts have helped boost credibility and success.

You can use this feature without an expert designer. Wix has hundreds of templates you can modify to meet your specific needs.

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