The Top Money Making App for Android in 2020 – Android Apps To Earn Money

Students can use this extra money to supplement their income, even if they don’t need to invest. Many money-making android apps are easy to use and creditable.

These money-making apps allow you to earn real money and app credit based on your survey, ad show and other activities. This list includes Indian apps that will help you make extra money without investing.

Pronunciation league

These money-making apps are very useful in helping you learn the pronunciation of many words, which will help you improve your English speaking skills. This app is very popular, and many people use it to learn the correct pronunciation of English words. It asks players to pronounce some words and then teaches them a few more. At the end of each game, you will need to record some sentences with the correct pronunciation. If you’re lucky, you might earn money. This app has the following features:

Improve your English speaking skills through correct pronunciation.

You only need to download the app and take part in the challenge.

Once you have mastered the pronunciation, you will be asked 20 sentences in English to correct it. You could win Rs.5000.

This game is a great way to improve your English speaking skills.

This app is addictive and challenging. There is so much to learn; people keep an eye out for it.

This app is very popular among Indians. Every day, more Indians download it and play the game. Many people have already won the prize, and many more are still waiting to win.


After you have downloaded the app, you’ll see a few options. All of them are self-explanatory. These options include:

Click on this link to earn bucks Every time you watch the advertisement, and you will get 10 dollars. It takes approximately 48 hours for this money to be credited and activated. You can then make payments or recharge with it anytime, anywhere.

View and Earn: This option will display larger video ads, and you can earn up to $30 per click. These videos are refilled every 24 hours, and rewards activate in 48 hours.

Leaderboard: There are additional rewards for winners. These rewards can be paid to those who accumulate the most in a given period.

This app is designed to be lazy and help you make extra money on the move. It is easy to use and simple, ensuring users get the most out of the app.

Google opinion Reward

You will see a series of surveys appear on the app as soon as you have downloaded it. These surveys you will need to complete.

This allows Google to form a collective and individual opinion on certain topics.

You can earn Google credit by answering some questions and taking the survey.

These credits can be redeemed through movies, games and apps anytime, anywhere.

Google will pay rewards if you agree to share your data in a survey. Both you and Google have something to lose.

You will need to download Google’s opinion app and fill in basic information about yourself to make money with the Google opinion app. Google will send you a weekly survey once you have provided your self-information. You will receive a notification from this app, and you can earn credit up to 100-200 Indian rupees in your Google Play account. Only certain apps/movies can be purchased on Google Play. A child can answer the question easily. It is very easy money. Google opinion rewards are a great way to earn rewards from Google. Overall, it’s a beneficial undertaking by Google.

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