The Concept of Web Developer versus Web Designers

The two different terminologies ‘web designers and ‘web developers’ generally confuse the minds and people tend to refer both the concepts to the same identity. However, this is hugely wrong, since there is a vast difference between the two. The scope of work and definition of both the terms will give you an insight into the difference between the two.

Web Developers v/s web Designers

A web designer also recognised as web maker is the person solely concerned with designing or creating the website with the use of hypertext or hypermedia. He incorporates colour schemes, values and layouts to create a site. His prime objective is to breathe life into the site by giving it a striking appearance with tools and other graphics. Some of these tools include JPEG, PDF, Flash, Illustrator, Corel, PNG, CSS and HTML.

Coming to the definition of web developer he is the person who makes sure that a particular site is navigated, streamlined, and directed on a path to finally reach the top ranking slot of search engines. His prime responsibility is to improve the ranking of a site on search engines with the use of search engine optimization or SEO. He makes sure that the different aspects of SEO like Meta tags, content, site maps, design, synchronization, web scripting and programming are optimized with highest efficiency and brought to harmony with the demand of search engine ranking elements.

A developer is the ultimate pilot in steering a site towards pinnacle of success. His contribution brings profit to the site owner. He not only makes use of SEO but also deals with front ends and also back ends of the websites. At the end, he needs to make sure that a site is error-free and debugged.

Hence, an overall observation shows that though both the terminologies ‘web developer’ and ‘web designer’ are different, they combine to produce a successful and thriving website online.



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