Take Inspiration from Website Typography Examples

Typography is an essential element in web design. It can be beautiful and functional. Typography can improve a website’s aesthetics and user experience when used correctly. Fonts and styles affect not only the branding of your website but also how your visitors interact with it.

What is Web Typography

Typography refers to selecting, sizing, and kerning typefaces, styling them, and arranging them to make texts easy to read. Designers also use typography to express emotions and reinforce the message of words.

Typography is a critical element of web design. It shapes the way that we read and perceive written language. It’s easier than you think to get it wrong. Twitter released a redesign in 2021 of its app, which included an original font. The makeover may have appeared minimal, but many users, especially those with vision or processing disabilities, found it difficult to read.

Typography is not only a crucial part of your brand’s identity but can also significantly impact your website’s speed and functionality. It’s essential to balance the visual impact of your web typography with web-safe fonts that are readable.

Joasia Fidler-Wieruszewska

Joasia Fidler-Wieruszewska’s portfolio website has fresh and clean vibes, using a solid visual hierarchy to strengthen the composition of its typography. The graphic designer uses a mix of an ornate sans-serif and an ornate Serif font to attract visitors’ attention. Fidler-Wieruszewsk uses white space to frame the text, encouraging focus and readability.

Ryan Haskins

The popularity of brutalist websites is on the rise. They’re at the top of our list of 2023 Web Trends. Haskins mixes font styles to create a visual impact emphasizing the over-the-top design. He carefully integrates all the techniques into his website to give it a modern edge without being overwhelming. Haskins uses at least ten fonts on his website but uses clean sans-serif where it matters.

Andrada Has

We describe Andrada Has’s typography using elegant, eye-catching, and dynamic words. She uses plenty of whitespace and bright colors to ensure that her font style experimentation is clear to visitors. She uses different font styles, even within words, without any readability issues.

Laura Zarate

Laura Zarate’s typography may be minimalistic, but that does not detract from its mesmerizing composition. Using different font sizes and weights, her website has a solid foundation for maximum readability. Zarate’s strong typography is paired with a gradient mesh background to express her brand’s sophisticated personality further.

Wendy Ju

Wendy Ju uses animation to create a typography design with a subtle impact. She uses easy-to-read fonts like Avenir Next. Her website highlights certain words with bright colors and hover effects. This additional layer of visual interest creates a noticeable interactive experience for the user.

The Robin Collective

The Robin Collective’s website uses playful typography to reflect the creative nature and personality of the brand. The clean sans-serif text balances out the quirky site title in a professional and lighthearted way. The Robin Collective balances its playful brand personality and an enjoyable user experience by paying attention to font selections and using strong color contrasts.

Blink my Brain

Blink My Brain is still under construction, but the artist’s use of typography will leave visitors wanting more. The combination of handwritten typography and futuristic metallic typefaces creates a familiar feel. Blink My Brain’s landing page is minimal but already gives visitors a hint that the designer has a flair for trendy fonts. Visitors will remember the sneak peek at his talent.

Pink Chili

Pink Chili is an agency that specializes in helping businesses reach Gen Z. The site has a lot of trendy elements, which is true to the generation. Typography is important because the site has few images and is heavily copy-heavy. Above the fold is the brand name, cast in a cherry-red serif. The agency pays attention to the details, such as font size and color.

Dale Alegria Macarena

Macarena operates under the motto “Branding for Humans.” His choice of typography does have a tangible, humanizing effect. The title font’s style is similar to poster design typography, perfect for conveying solid messages with a personality. Macarena balances this decorative text by using a condensed sans serif font. These contrasting fonts give the composition an energetic and fun feel.

33 letters for Ukraine

33 Letters for Ukraine was started in 2022 by three Polish entrepreneurs. They invited 30 international designers to interpret Cyrillic over 33 days. Designers of the site have an additional challenge: showcasing typography in a way that is both artistic and descriptive while still reflecting the core of this unique project. They used a mixture of Menorah Grotesk from Ivan Tsanko and Kyiv Type from Dmytro Rastivortsev. These fonts are both readable but have a Cyrillic decorative touch. They achieved uniformity that perfectly matched their project’s personality.

Word Tonic Community

The typography on this website is full of trendiness. After all, Word Tonic is a brand that markets itself as exclusively Gen Z. Word Tonic’s website fonts reflect their group’s trendy, cheeky vibe to attract an equal vogue audience. The community site must also establish professional goals and ensure the text is readable. They do this by combining the decorative fonts used in the headers of their site with a modern sans-serif font that outlines the goals and services they offer.

Derek McKechnie

Derek McKechnie’s use of “more is More” to create a dynamic atmosphere and re-think his typography layout is a great example. McKechnie has used animated line work to highlight his “Projects” section. The composition is stylish and practical, while the clean sans-serif fonts allow visitors to identify each item.

Magic Johns

Magic John shows how you can express your personality through typography. The homepage title is designed with retro and colorful typography to set the brand’s tone. The site designer layered a cartoonish font on top of a bold outline. The contrast between the royal blue, red, and pink color scheme tells visitors this isn’t just another pizza shop.

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