StudioPress Sites: The Who, What, and Why

Rainmaker Digital’s new offering, “StudioPress Websites”, is being launched this month.

StudioPress and Genesis Framework have been favourites of mine for a long time. I was even a beta user back in Genesis’ early days. I was impressed by the Rainmaker Platform’s admin panel and ease of use when it arrived.

Let’s get to the bottom of the most popular StudioPress Sites questions, so you know what they are and who they are for.

What are StudioPress Sites?

Software platform. However, they differ because they do not reside on and don’t need to be hosted at a third-party hosting company. What are you waiting for?

StudioPress Sites are powered by WordPress but don’t need to be maintained or updated as often as self-hosted blogs and websites.

StudioPress provides a hosted version for the Genesis Framework. This distinction is crucial. Users will be able to use all the power of Genesis but not have to maintain their website.

The Genesis Framework is the foundation of this new website builder. It has many built-in options and allows you to add your themes or plugins.

Top Genesis Themes Available for Installation

Users can download one of twenty Genesis themes as part of the service. You don’t need to buy or maintain additional software licenses. You can easily install any of these themes with their built-in theme collection.

StudioPress Sites differs from the Rainmaker Portal because you can use any theme and make customizations. Any Genesis theme can be uploaded and customized as needed.

All Top WordPress Plugins are Installed in One Click

Genesis is a great choice because it offers many great features, such as top-notch speed, security, HTML5 coding and many other great features. All this power combined with the ability to have everything hosted for you with one-click installation of popular plugins such as:



Beaver Builder Lite

Design Palette Pro

Downloads from the Internet are easy


Ninja Forms

Restriction of Content

Soliloquy Lite


WPFirms Light


You always have the option to upgrade to Beaver Builder, Design Palette Pro or OptinMonster.

Built-in SEO Function

You know me well enough to know that my main concern regarding this rollout would be SEO. Rainmaker Digital promises a lot of SEO functionality with minimal effort. StudioPress Sites has some amazing SEO features like advanced schema control, XML website map generation, robots.txt generator, asynchronous JavaScript load, enhanced Open Graph output and breadcrumb control.

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