Police MDT Makes Policing Easy

The advent of new technology has helped all walks of life and the police department is also not exception of this. Computers have revolutionized our society; it has quicken the process of analyzing data and has added add many other facilities to the police force. Police computers are equipped with special hardware and software that could help investigations. One of the important duties of police in most part of the world is to control traffic. Computerized traffic systems have reduced the burden of the police. Any violations in traffic rules can immediately be monitored, booked and fined.

For Use in Rough Conditions

The equipment used by police should be more powerful than ordinary computers. They have to function in adverse conditions. The sophisticated computers that are generally used may not work for police. They want more rugged ones. Something that has the capacity to withstand extreme condition as that of inclement weather, wet atmosphere, dusty surroundings, etc. and it should not be brittle as normal ones. There are such computers specially manufactured for use in adverse conditions. These are mostly laptops with the ability to withstand severe drops and tough conditions.

Special Software

Police laptop will have special hardware and software attached to it as to analyze things as they move. For example they will have a finger print analyzer attached to their laptop. It may also have a data bank of its own or could be connected to a distant data server. The police can match the pictures or finger prints of suspected criminals with that of their data. This will avoid waste of time and embarrassment.


Most of the police vehicles are presently equipped with mobile data terminals (MDT). Police MDT is actually a laptop with advanced features and that is fixed to a vehicle. It allows the policemen to scan the license plates of vehicles and driver’s license as they are on the move. It will also have the facility of GPS tracking. An officer can know where he is exactly and the same could be tracked by the central facility of the police. This means, he will get emergency supplies quickly. MDT and computers have many more advantages and the list will be endless.



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