If you are Software Company or a consultant with good client base, then our partner program will certainly help you win more clients and software projects such as building Web applications, Complex Database Solutions and Client Server Applications.

Partnering profit with Sparsh Technologies is easy. We will take care of your project from requirement gathering, analysis, estimation, queries, software development, and coding. All you need to do is select the partnership model that suits you the best and attempt more and more software projects in your business territory.

Software Company

Sparsh Technologies offer Partnership to software companies having good amount of web development projects. Low programming cost and a big team of experienced programmers of Sparsh are sure to win more projects and generate more revenue/profit for us. Objective is to combine our techno-commercial expertise and attempt more number of projects together in your business area. We can do brand building of both the companies.

Reseller Partner

We welcome partners who work with genuine clients and have a day-to-day conversation with clients in their own business area. We will be working on behalf of our reseller partners and help them create a professional image of their own.


If you are an individual consultant having strong marketing skills and can effectively use your skills to tap in clients for our company than we can enter into revenue and risk sharing partnership. This can be operated as an extended sales office of Sparsh Technologies under your management. You can use either your own name or our organization name when finalizing the deal with the client. You can earn a good commission by referring us as we provide web application development at a very cost effective rate.

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