NodeJS: 10+ Courses to Learn To Code With NodeJS

Node.js continues to evolve and grow. While books are an option, they only sometimes provide the best learning experience.

This post will discuss the top courses you can take to increase your knowledge of Node.js software development. This post will discuss the top ten Node.js approaches, their focus, and where to find them. You will find a list with honorable mentions at the end.

Top Ten Node.js Courses On Udemy

This course is fantastic because it covers everything you need to create an influential blog using the Platform. Below is a list of the skills you’ll learn during the course.

NodeJS 2023: Build a full-fledged Blog API

Learn how to deploy the nodejs app on Under – Heroku alternative

Implement Authentication & Authorization

Use Post Commenting

Learn how to make who sees my profile controller

Learn how to implement the User Following and Unfollowing feature

Learn how to implement the User Blocking and unblock feature

Learn how to implement the Admin Blocking & to unblock User feature

Learn how to disable System Blocking User after inactivity for 30 days

Learn how to implement Following and Unfollowing Count

Learn how to make Last Date User Created A Post

How to verify whether the User is active/inactive

How to upgrade user accounts based on the number of posts

Learn how to close an account

Learn how to use post liking and disliking

Learn how to apply. Days ago, a posting was created

Learn how to make post views count

Learn how to make post likes count

Learn how to use post likes count percentages

The easy way to master error handling

Learn how to upload files to Cloudinary

Learn how to implement database modeling

Ionic 6+ with nodeJs – Beginner to Pro Course 2022

Use Angular to build native apps for iOS & Android with the powerful features Ionic has, along with Capacitor

MongoDB Basics to Advanced: Learn Nodejs Typescript (Typescript). Use a proper and optimized coding structure.

With Ionic Angular & Capacitor and Nodejs (backend), you can build food delivery apps like Zomato / Swiggy / Uber Eats.

Learn how to create Native Apps & Progressive Web Apps using Ionic Capacitor and Nodejs

Redis is used to blocklist RefreshTokens

Send emails with SendGrid or Gmail

Razorpay is one of the payment gateways that can be integrated with Razorpay.

Learn the basics of Ionic & Nodejs along with advanced features

Learn how to use the different Capacitor plugins (also with Cordova).

You can test iOS & Android Apps on Real Devices, including Emulators & Simulators. Then publish those Apps to the respective stores (App Store & Google Play Store).

Learn how to deploy Nodejs for Heroku

Clean Coding: The Best Approaches

Support Chat App using Web Sockets Coming Soon

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