Make your tech move a complete success.

It’s both thrilling and difficult to relocate your business. Today’s businesses have a lot of techs (and their connectivity) to consider when moving into new premises. It’s not a good idea to have a basic understanding of the requirements to support your tech. It’s, at the very least, not enough.

Organization and responsibility

People are the key to a successful tech relocation. Your IT staff is preferred. Your MSP can help you manage the technical aspects of your move if you don’t have IT, staff. An IT relocation company is a great option. They will help you plan and ensure a place and performance expectation for every piece of tech your company uses at the new location. Proper pre-packaging is a great way to save money overall.

Who will be responsible for the transportation of the tech? This specific task should be assigned to an appointed person. Tech should be considered a distinct focus, even if the overall move director is already in place.

Who will move the entire office? While you and your staff may be able to load all the items and make multiple trips around town, professional movers can make the entire process more pleasant. Make sure they have insurance if you hire them for complete peace of mind.

Moving people is a tedious task. All service providers should be notified and documented about the impending move. You may need to notify site hosts and phone companies about your move. Talk to each provider and go over details. Make sure to inform the webmaster to update your Contact page.

Planning for a new site

The floor plan for the new venue should be prepared long before the actual move. The floor plan will be needed to communicate among service providers for them all to give input and possibly even execute the move.

Before you move, make sure to visit the new place often. If the building has other tenants, talk to them. You’re likely to learn valuable tips and problems from your neighbours when you talk to them about moving in.

Other considerations for moving tech

Reexamine your telecom and connectivity requirements. Moving can sometimes mean changing the way you use tech or the technology you use. You must maintain constant communication with clients, staff and customers to ensure the business can continue smoothly in new locations. You might not find the right service provider in your new area. This is why you should research local options. It would be best if you always asked for references from potential service providers. It’s not a good idea to find out that you have hired a sub-optimal provider on your first day in your new place.

Think about what technology might be obsolete. You should have a budget and a replacement plan. If not, you can bring the outdated tech to the new space within six months. It would help if you planned for business functionality in the new space.

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