Anyone starting any kind of business online knows that making money online is not the easiest thing to do, but there are some short cuts to make quick money. This quick money will not make you rich overnight and is really not meant to give you a steady income, but it will give you some extra spending money. In this article we hope to get you started on the path to having a small passive income.

Most of the time you hear about people making millions online with something that sounds to good to be true….guess what? It is. Most of the online money making schemes are scams, but we have assembled some of the top ways to make money without worrying about being scammed.

You may notice I did not list any of the survey websites….there is a reason behind that. They are usually scams! Yeah, you make make some cash, but in the long run they will either forget to pay you, say you violated the terms and cancel your account without giving you any money or they will just not count some of your completed surveys. Trust me, there are few if any survey websites that are not scams.

Write Articles On eHow

eHow pays pretty good money to write articles teaching people how to do things. The payment is based on how many views you get and how much revenue they get from ad clicks on your article. Once you become a part of the community you will find many like minded people who want to know what you know and want you to know what they know. After a while its kind of addictive and you are constantly thinking of new articles or getting ideas about things you do everyday.

Design websites

Website design is one of the harder ways to make money online because it usually requires school and a lot of time to invest in your work. However once you get the whole “website design” thing down you will find out that it is very fun and a great way to keep your creativity flowing.

Also in this category is WordPress customization or installation. Many new businesses feel that an online presence would be beneficial for them and what better way to get them started then by installing WordPress. The setup is easy and there are some many plugin that you can use to make their site look better without having to touch any code.

Software Installation

Many people are scared to death of their computers and are more willing to let someone that is experienced with computers install any software they buy offline and online. You need to become that person that they call. Most software installations are easy and you can do them within a few minutes….a few minutes equals a few dollars. Trust me, once someone figures out you can install their software they will recommend you to all of the friends and will also be calling you every time the get a virus, or need something else installed.

Logo and Design Contests

If you know how to use Photoshop and you are pretty good at it you can enter design contests to earn some money here and there. Now, this one is another one that is on the hard side since there will be a lot of people doing the same thing you are that may be better then you. Just try to be original and unique, if you don’t win this one there will be plenty more to enter.

Write and Sell An eBook

eBooks are a great way to let the inner writer free. You can write a eBook that matches someone’s niche. If you write a eBook that contains valuable information that people are desperate for you can make a pretty good living. Always think about something people can use and learn everything you can about it. If you do write an eBook you need to stray away from sounding spammy or creating a website that looks spammy. We all know what the spammy eBook websites look like, try not to look like them or else people may not even stop.

Freelance Article Writer

If you know how to write and you enjoy writing, you can become a freelance writer for small businesses, bloggers, and marketers. You have many options about how to sell your article whether it is in bulk or by the word, you can make money by doing what you love.


You can sell your old junk on eBay and make a profit for things that are taking up space in your garage anyway. Like we said in our last eBay article don’t believe what you hear about eBay making you millions because most likely it won’t happen. Sell your old stuff and get some money out of what was essentially junk to you…what could be better.

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