Install Skype

Skype is a FREE online computer phone service. You can use this program to call anyone in the world free as long as they use Skype as well. Its basically a computer to computer phone system. Its simple to install and even more simple to use. If you would like to call home phones or cell phones you can buy Skype credits that are much more cheap then buying a calling card or even having a cell phone.

We know that not everyone lives near us and our phone number could be considered a long distance call that could become costly for you if you are in need a our support. This is our simple solution. We inform you of this free service so that you can call us anytime we are online without worrying about the phone bill. Of course this service can be used by you to call friends, family, or anyone you normally do not call because of the phone bill. A plus benefit of this service is the fact there is live video calls as well. So you have a webcam……they have a webcam…you can see each other while you talk.

Download The Program

You can visit the Skype website and download the program for free with a link that we provide at the bottom of the article. This will give you the installer for your to save on your computer.

Install The Software

Once you have the software downloaded you can run the install to get Skype installed on your computer. It has a simple and easy to use installer that will have you talking through your computer in no time. just stick with the defaults and finish the installation.

Running the Program

Once you have installed Skype you can either start the program by clicking the icon installed on your desktop or by clicking the item in your system tray.

Once you are in the program you can either sign in with a preexisting account or you can click the “Don’t have a Skype name” and fill in the required information.

This is the last step to successfully getting Skype running on your Windows, Linux or Mac computer. Now you have to either buy Skype credits (only required if you wanna make calls to phones instead of other computers) or you can just find people you know by browsing the Contacts section (Contacts > New Contacts). The contacts you are looking for must also be on Skype in order for you to make your free calls.

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