How to create the ideal home page

This brilliant idea deserves a great website. You don’t need a website. A good one will show the world why your idea is so important.

You can visit Template Monster,, or Template Monster to browse thousands of WordPress themes. You’ll spend hours browsing through all the themes, noting your favourites. It’s worth it.

The most multipurpose WordPress theme you can find to help bring your idea to life is the one you’ve just found.

This theme looks amazing! It includes:

Unlimitless colours and fonts

Built-in page builders

There are many shortcodes

Seven different sliders



Shopping carts


Landing pages

Pop up boxes

This is a great place to start. Your new theme and you will do amazing things together. You wouldn’t know how to not! It comes with over a billion options, and the demo looks amazing.

It’s not as successful as you think. Because you’re going backwards. In the process, you’re leaping ahead.

What’s the point of jumping ahead? You think I’m crazy. To start working, you need a theme. NO!

WordPress themes are not the beginning point. The theme is just a way to get to your destination.

It is important to make a first impression

Your homepage is the first impression that visitors make when they visit your website. Your home page tells your story immediately and connects with visitors. Your home page should be professional-looking, welcoming, inviting, clear, and answer questions.

So what’s the problem? There is still much to be defined. It is impossible to jump straight to design without understanding your story, the answers you need, your ability to build trust and how you will provide direction.

Designing your homepage is one of the most important things you can do when developing a website.

Do not rush to get things done. Negative results will result from executing without planning. You will not get what you want and leave a bad impression that you will never forget.

Begin with a plan and answer some key questions

You need to start with a blank slate, a formal process and a solid plan. Do not just pick a theme from the 100+ available options. Marketing strategy and execution are essential.

Let’s start by defining success for yourself and your website. What are your goals? What are your goals and objectives? Here are some examples of successful visits:

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