Five ways to leverage content marketing to expand your business into new markets

Now that you’ve decided to expand your product offerings into new markets, a big challenge is ahead: How to increase brand awareness among new customers. You’ll be one step forward from your competition if you use content marketing to expand your company into new markets.

Here are some quick tips:

To identify the target segments, conduct a market analysis.

To handle larger content loads, you can expand your team.

Make buyer personas to find the right content for them.

Make content that targets your new market segments.

Reimagine your brand to appeal to a new market

It doesn’t matter if you are targeting a new area or an industry, but one thing is constant: you must identify the customers most likely to use your products and services. You must look into the industry and local data to ensure that your marketing messages reach the right people.

Demographics Who is your market for your products? Consider their age, gender, and marital status.

Business characteristics You need to look at the following: Size, years in business, philosophy, leadership, mission, growth rate, country and region of presence, target customers, and how they are managed.

Content consumption behavior: Because you need to publish your content wherever and whenever they find it, it is worth looking at their online and offline channels. Social media analytics can give you deep insight into your online behavior. An in-depth analysis of the data may reveal which offline publications they are reading since many magazines, newspapers, and other print media have fan pages on social media. To identify specific interests that could be used as content touchpoints, study their “likes.”

Other needs and pain points: Understanding what motivates prospects and their less pressing needs allows you to identify the needs your products and services can address.

It would help if you considered expanding your content team.

Neil Patel says that expanding your business requires a more extensive staff. Additionally, brand expansion often requires shifting in messaging and expertise.

Expanding into new industries

You might need writers with expertise in new industries if you are expanding. A content marketing agency is a great way to get the subject matter expertise that you require without having to hire additional staff.

If you decide to add to your internal team, ensure your top candidates have portfolios demonstrating your knowledge of the new markets and your writing, design, or video production ability.

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