Embed Google Maps in HTML [Step-by-Step Guide]

How to embed a Google Map into HTML on your website. This blog post is for you.

With tens of million of users per day, Google Maps is the most popular online navigation and maps platform. You have many options for how to implement a map on your website. You could display the address of your brick-and-mortar business so users can find directions.

A well-placed Google Maps map can provide additional help to users and enhance the user experience. Google Maps makes embedding its maps easy. This guide will show you how to create static and responsive maps and place them on your site.

How to embed a Google Map in HTML

It is as simple as finding your address, copying the embed code, and pasting it into your HTML. These maps are interactive, but they are fundamental.

Access the Google Maps API for more advanced capabilities, such as directions or displaying location data.

Here’s how to make a simple Google Map:

1. Visit the Google Maps site.

2 Search for the place you wish to include in your embedded map.

3. Use to Share. Alternatively, click on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner to choose Share and embed map from an open menu.

4. To see a preview, click Embed a map. You can adjust the map area, zoom, type (street or satellite map), and size (including custom sizes if desired).

5. Click Copy HTML when you are ready to embed.

6. Copy the embed code to the HTML file where you want the map displayed on the page. It will look like this (it might look different depending on the size of your map).

The embedded map is now static. It will remain 600 pixels wide and 400 pixels high, regardless of what device it’s displayed on or how large the browser window is.

This could provide a better user experience. Many visitors, especially those using mobile devices, can only see part of the map at a time. To view the map, they will need to scroll horizontally or vertically.

This problem can be solved by making our embedded map responsive using HTML and CSS.

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