Create A Perfect Website

Just because you can create a website does not mean it is a perfect website. A perfect website not only looks good but functions and contains valid html. A perfect website allows all visitors to see the same thing regardless of what browser they have, what type of computer they have, or even whether or not they are disabled. In this article we will show you what it takes to create the perfect website, we won’t show you how to do it, but we will hopefully steer you into the right direction when you get started on yours.

Once you go through the steps provided in this article you can begin to make it your own by implementing them in your own way. Although the website you create is your own it still has to follow rules and standards that are set out by other designers to try and create a standardization for all websites….this helps the internet as a whole. Follow the tips below and you will soon be on your way to creating a perfect website in no time. Not all ways are listed and we would greatly apprecaite any visitor input we can get, so if you havea better way, please leave a comment.


The first thing that you need to do is find a good host and domain name. When picking a domain name remember that if your domain name is short and simple to remember because it will stick with the visitors more.

.com is the most commonly used TLD but you do not need to go with only a .com TLD. You can use .net, .biz, and a lot more.

Once you have decided on a domain name that represents your website the best you find a good host. You can sometimes find a good host without having to pay a lot of money, but don’t sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. Good hosting companies usually offer unlimited email addresses, unlimited databases, and CPANEL access. They usually run between $7 and $8 per month.


The HTML and CSS are what people will actually see on the site. you should make sure that the CSS and HTML look good in all browsers, do not limit your visitors to just one browser because you may stop potential visitors from ever coming back.

You can either use notepad to create and save the html or you can buy a program like Dreamweaver or Expressions to have a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to see the page as you design it.

Make sure you design the website for better SEO coverage so that you can get better rankings in the search engines. Check your keyword density, searched keywords, etc.

PHP (For Dynamic Sites)

PHP is a coding language that allows you to update your website from a database dynamically. This means that instead of having a static website that never changes you can create pages that are update able from a database like mySQL.


Make sure your websites contain valid HTML. This is a good practice that all designers should become accustomed to. Not only does having valid code make your site easier to read, more accessible for disabled visitors, but it also helps you score higher marks with the top search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Once your site is validated for HTML and CSS and you get a good score you need to upload the files to the server you bought in the first step. You can use a free FTP program like Filezilla to do just that.

Let the World Know Your Site Exists

No matter how good your content, if no one knows your site exists then it will not matter. You need to submit your site to all the major search engines like Yahoo!, Google, MSN, Ask, etc.

Search engines look for good content so try not to create a spammy website that takes advantage of the search engines, because you will get penalized for that bad behavior.

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