Create A Memorable Password

Some people have trouble remembering all of their passwords they use on line, so they use simple passwords that even the most inexperienced hacker could break into. A lot of people do not even use a password. Some people even keep their password visible on a sticky note taped to their computer because they will forget if they don’t. In this article we will give you hints about how you can create a memorable password that is easy for you, but hard for anyone else.

We know that the techniques below could not stop a brute force attack or a lot of the other hacker tools, but for the general audience these tips will be very fruitful. A normal user can protect their PC, their personal files, and their hard drives using the following techniques. we try to give some very helpful tips that will allow you to remember your passwords better, and even help you create stronger passwords in the future. Enjoy.

Random Letters and Numbers

Having a password with random letters and numbers can seem difficult to remember, but if you think about it you can use numbers and letters that mean something to you and no one else. For example you can combine your birthday and you initials to form something like this: 12M08A76D to be a mixture of your birthday 12-08-76 and your initials MAD. It means something to you, but it doesn’t make any sense to someone else.

Throwing in symbols is another good way to make a memorable password that is easy for you to remember. For example you could substitute a symbol for when the symbol looks like a letter as in this example: @pp|e_p|e. Anyone can tell that spells “apple pie”, but it is a harder code to crack and it is memorable.

Substitute Numbers for Vowels

Another quick and easy way to make a password memorable but still good enough to use, is to substitute numbers for some of your vowels. For example see if you can decipher this one: l1ttl3r3dr1d1ngh00d. Give up yet? It is “little red riding hood”, I know that one was an easy one…but you see how effect a password can be when you mix letters and numbers.

You can even just remove the vowels all together, but sometimes you can make a lone word look short and not be as effective, but it would still be difficult for someone to break the password. For example: thchckncrssdthrd. That one is “the chicken crossed the road”. Easy to remember, but pretty lengthy and pretty hard to crack.

Word Mixtures

Word mixtures are a good way to get a good password that is very easy to remember, for example you can use your favorite vacation spot and your dog’s name to make a combined word like spotmiami. You can even go one step more and mix the letters up like you did in the first step to make a better password like msipaomti which looks like gibberish to everyone else but you remember it well.

You can even use familiar things and turn them into new words like using the first 3 letters of your name and combining it with your two favorite animals to form something like manbearpig (Southpark reference). That password would be for someone that likes bears, pigs and has the last name of Manning. Simple, yet effective.


Passphrases a great password because they are long can contain letters ad numbers. A passphrase can be your favorite quote or movie title, whatever is easiest for you to remember. For example you can have a password for “GoneWithTheWind”. The only thing bad about a passphrase is that passwords are case sensitive and that is a lot to remember. You can eliminate that problem by creating a system, either use all uppercase or all lowercase unless you can remember the mixtures….its all up to you.

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