Best Alternatives to Canva for Graphic Design on Social Media

This list will help you find the best social media graphic design, even if you don’t like Canva. We have compiled the best alternatives for designers who want to use Canva.


PicMonkey is one of the most popular Canva alternatives. PicMonkey is a great choice for advanced photo editing. PicMonkey offers more photo editing options than Canva. You can also use PicMonkey’s templates for social media.

PicMonkey will provide the tools you need to create your social media posts.

The price is 7,99 USD monthly, and you get a free 7-day trial.


Crello is another alternative to Canva. Crello has many animation maker options. You can use them to create animated videos or Facebook stories. This tool can be used to speed up the design of your social media pages or profiles.

Crello’s easy-to-learn animation editing tools will make it unnecessary to use Canva. It offers powerful¬†social media marketing tools¬†like stock photos and image illustrations.

Crello’s basic features can be used free of charge. You will need to pay 7,99 USD for the pro edition.


Pixlr is a great tool if you don’t know how to curve or need to edit professional photos. Another great alternative to Canva is Pixlr.

Its best feature is its photo-editing functionality and ease-of-use functions. It’s a powerful graphic design and photo editor.

Pixlr is available in its free version. If you want to use more functions, it will cost around 4.90 USD per year. You can also purchase a one-time plan for 49 USD.


RelayThat is a great alternative to Canva for designers and non-professionals who have limited time or are busy.

This is the best way to brand your designs. You can upload your images to the brand, or choose from thousands of images offered by RelayThat.

The Pro version costs 25 USD per month. Although it is a little expensive, it is totally worth every cent.


Tyle will allow you to use video editing tools as well as images. Canva is great for creating images but it lacks the ability to create great social media videos. Tyle is a great alternative to Canva.

Tyle has everything you need for social media graphic design. You can download thousands of high-quality, free images. Tyle allows you to create content for social media.

Tyle can be used for free, or you might want to pay 31 USD per month for its advanced features.


Snappa, one of the great Canva alternatives is a fantastic tool for creating graphics for social media. It’s very simple and easy to use. You can find many tutorials that will show you how to use it, from choosing fonts to editing images.

Snappa’s best feature is the fact that you can create image content for social media and then upload it or share it again on your social media accounts. You can automatically share it to your social media accounts.

Snappa offers two options: Premium and a free edition. The premium edition costs only 10 USD per calendar month.

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