PHP is a server side language that allows dynamic content to be displayed on your site from a database. This dynamic content helps keep you from changing the HTML code every time you want make a new post in your blog, or you want to add a new event to your schedule. In this article we hope to give you the benefits of using PHP for your websites.

PHP has many benefits and runs many programs you may already be familiar with like content management systems WordPress, Drupal, etc. It is also used by some of the top shopping carts like Magento, CubeCart, Oscommerce, etc. PHP is all around us and will greatly help you in your development of any website.

When you start designing websites, you will most likely start with static pages. This means that every time your client has to make a change they come to you. If you design static pages you will most likely charge a monthly service fee, but the work related to this fee will usually not be worth it. That is where PHP comes in. It can help you change your static pages to dynamic, allow for an administration system for your client to login and make changes themselves. So there is no need for a monthly fee that could end up taking more time than it is worth.

We have compiled a list of a few of the benefits of using PHP as your server side language below. If you can think of any more please post a comment so that we can add it to the list.

Visitor’s Computer Workload
PHP greatly reduces the workload that your visitor’s computer has to deal with when they visit your site. This is made possible because PHP relies on the server for all of its work. This speeds page load time and can ease your visitor’s experience on your site.

Dynamic Content
One of the best things about PHP is the creation of dynamic content. This content comes from a database that resides on the server (thus helping with load time). If you ever see a site that has a url like this…. then you are looking at a dynamic page that is being pulled from a database. Looks just like a normal page….but for a developer, it is much cooler.

Centralized Data
Since all data of the site now resides on the server you can use it more conveniently. You can streamline PHP development by creating functions and code that can be reused for many different situations. This can greatly improve your productivity and can even allow you to create template based sites that you can charge for a smaller fee than if you create a completely custom site. The uses of centralized data is unlimited.

Streamline Common Website Functions
PHP can help you easily streamline certain things that all sites require. This includes contact forms, image manipulation, file uploading….the list goes on. Most of the benefits of using PHP is for the developer, the client, and the visitors….so everyone wins.

In conclusion, I highly recommend learning PHP, mySQL interaction, and how to make the two work together. This can save you a lot of design time, your client will appreciate not having a monthly fee, and their visitors will see the site load time and thanks you as well. Remember, if you have any PHP stories or additions to this list, please leave a comment below.

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