5 tips for designing a logo for your online store

It is easy to set up an e-commerce shop and sell online. Shopify, BigCommerce and 3dcart make it easy to open an e-commerce store.

This low barrier to entry makes e-commerce niches very competitive. Many brands sell similar products at the same price and use similar themes.

How can you make your brand stand out in a world crowded with similar products? Building a brand is the short answer. This starts with creating a unique logo.

Here are four tips to help you design a logo that will attract customers to your online store.

No. 1: Know your audience

Know your audience is important to understand your target audience before you start designing. Your niche is the first thing you should think about.

What makes your store different from other sellers selling similar products? What features of your products will appeal most to your target audience?

Logos reflect certain personality traits that customers will connect with or avoid. You can design a logo that speaks to your ideal customer by understanding their personality.

No. 2: Use a simple symbol

Your logo icon can be used to base your entire logo design.

Although there are some logos that only use the name of your company, online sellers should use icons to communicate information about their store to customers. (See tip 1?

Your logo will be displayed on your website so it is important that you choose an icon that can be easily resized and looks great on screen. Your icon must not be too detailed or it will lose its meaning when scaled down to fit on your screen.

No. 3: Choose colours with meaning

Colours, like icons, convey different meanings. People have subconscious associations that may influence their behaviour when they see different colours.

It is therefore important to choose colours with the correct meaning. You don’t want your logo to be too expensive or high-end when you aim to sell affordable products for average consumers.

No. 4: Play with typography

Your logo should include fonts. This is especially true if you choose mild colors or an icon. Every font is unique (can you recognize a theme? You will be able to communicate with your customers something completely different.

There are four main types of fonts available: Serif (sans-serif), script (script), and modern. Sans-serifs are more modern and high-end, while Serifs feel more traditional and classic.

If you want your audience to think that your products are personal and festive, you can choose to use a script.

No. 5: Know your design options

There are many ways to design your logo. Your budget will play a major role in the choice of a method. Budget plays a significant role in final design. It is what makes the difference between a great logo and one that does the job.

A few hundred dollars will get you a great designer who can deliver amazing results. You can still get a cool design for as low as $100 by hiring a freelancer through a site such as Fiverr.

A logo creator is an option, but it is not recommended for budgets below $50. Although you won’t get a WOW-factor logo, it will look professional and underwhelming. However, you will still be able to customize the logo as per your needs.


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