Some world famous scientists and environmentalists have aired their voice regarding dangers emanating from electronics and computers disposal. They are true advocators of computer recycling because it offers great benefits to environment and society at large. They are equally effective in controlling pollution of different kinds.


A developer is the ultimate pilot in steering a site towards pinnacle of success. His contribution brings profit to the site owner. He not only makes use of SEO but also deals with front ends and also back ends of the websites. At the end, he needs to make sure that a site is error-free and debugged. Hence, an overall observation shows that though both the terminologies ‘web developer’ and ‘web designer’ are different.


There are numerous designer photo frames available in the market and you can use these items to embellish your interiors too. However, recent times have seen a sharp decline in the popularity and use of such items, as most people prefer to store the images in their personal computers and see the digitized versions whenever they feel like watching those.

Our representatives introduce themselves to various business owners and consumers on behalf of the client, to build a relationship with the decision makers. Our sales and marketing representatives are trained to interact with customers in a friendly, courteous and professional manner while responding to their questions or concerns. Team Tag has several fortune 100 and 500 clients, due to privacy and protection we will not disclose their names online. Team Tag strives to attain true leadership roles and to be the best example for others to emulate.





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A printer is a peripheral device that is used to prints symbols, characters as well as graphics on paper. The output in this form is referred to as hardcopy as they are in a permanent form that can be stored for future reference. On the contrary, the computer copy from which the hardcopy is printed is called softcopy. It can also be stored for future reference but its limitation is that it 24 hour printing can be accessed only from a computer or a laptop.